Do natural remedies also work for animals? Here’s how to use them for your dog or cat

The natural remedies can also be used for animals . That’s right, the properties of herbs and flowers are not only useful for the human being, but also for your dog or cat. And the rules to be followed are more or less the same: they must become an integration and not a substitution of traditional medicines, you should not overdo the doses or you risk facing side effects and, above all, always ask your veterinarian for advice . Not all health problems can in fact be addressed only with this type of treatment and you will therefore have to be sure not to put your four-legged friend at risk of serious complications.

The fleas are certainly a big problem, so much for dogs as for cats. Not for nothing, on the market you will find many forms of repellents, such as collars or other devices. for example the essential oils of ecucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender and mint . You can spread a little on your pet, or immerse his collar or foolarino for as long as necessary to absorb the lotion, and then put it on.

The citrus fruits , especially orange and lemon instead become useful when they insettini have already taken root. You can use both juice and peel. The best method is however to prepare a sort of shampoo with which to wash your dog, being careful to proceed from head to legs, and not the other way around.

Keep in mind that these smells could be very annoying to the cat, so it may not be the most suitable treatment for him. In this case it might be more useful to dissolve a little bicarbonate in a glass of water, and then dab the animal with a cloth soaked in that lotion.