Four Reasons Why Bariatric Beds Are Recommendable to a Bariatric Patient

For a bariatric patient, an ordinary bed can be inconvenient and uncomfortable because the bed does not meet their specific needs. Such a patient has extraordinary needs than an ordinary normal person and needs special care right from the type of bed he is lying on.

There is no doubt that a bariatric bed has more to offer to a bariatric patient as compared to ordinary medical beds. In this regard, this article contains a list of the benefits of buying a bariatric bed for a bariatric patient.

Benefits of bariatric bed to a bariatric patient

  • Temperature regulation

The most striking feature of a bariatric bed is temperature regulation. The mattress is designed such that air can flow underneath when it is raised. Similarly, the bed can be adjusted to either provide warm or cold conditions to a patient depending on the prevailing circumstances. This feature is very useful especially when you consider the fact that a bariatric patient finds it difficult to get out of bed or even sit down.

  • Easily accessible heights

Moreover, a bariatric bed has height adjustment knobs that can be adjusted accordingly to reach a suitable height for a patient to climb. This is crucial to keep in mind that bariatric patients find it difficult to get to higher heights due to their obesity and an ordinary medical bed is not advisable to them.

  • Higher load capacity

The ability of a bariatric bed to support extremely high capacity is the main reason why it is recommended to a bariatric patient in the first place. However, an ordinary medical bed can only support up to a lower capacity and will break if an obese person lies on it. Because an ordinary medical bed is not made to support high load capacity, it will put a lot of pressure on a bariatric patient because it does not meet their specifications.

  • Easier movement

A bariatric bed moves a patient from one location to another much easier because it has wheels underneath for easy locomotion.

Also, it has detachable sidebars that allow convenient shifting of a bariatric patient from one position to another. The caregiver does not feel pressure when shifting a patient to another position.

Lastly, the bariatric bed has a foldable surface that can help a patient to rise just in a few seconds. The surface also allows the patient to rest his head at a comfortable height and not put pressure on the neck and other parts of the body.

There are also many more benefits that you can scrape up from the internet to understand just how helpful these beds are.

Where to find a bariatric medical bed

Fortunately, Australia has many companies that manufacture bariatric medical beds for emergencies and you do not have to worry about importing one from abroad. All you need to do is get in touch with the right company and make arrangements to place your order. However, you need to understand that there are several types of bariatric beds and you need to find the one that has your desired specifications to avoid inconveniencing your patient. It is advisable to first test all the bed functionalities before carrying it away to avoid purchasing faulty equipment that can be a danger to both you and your patient’s safety. You also have to organise for proper transportation of the bed if the company does not offer delivery services.