Tips for buying a helicopter stretcher

It is essential that all medical equipment should be bought after a great deal of thought. After all it is important that the safety and comfort of the patient should be the first thing in the mind of the caregivers.

Usually for helicopter rescue operations nest type stretchers are used these are also used in a variety of other emergency situation like rescue from mountains, seas and rivers.

When buying a helicopter rescue stretcher make sure to keep the following things in mind:

Check out the material from which the helicopter stretcher is designed

It is essential that the helicopter stretcher is made with stainless steel frame to provide the durability which it requires in such situations. Since the helicopter rescue stretchers l can be used for other emergency situations as well it is important that care should be given to the material from which it has been designed. Chairs made from composite frames are just as strong and durable as those made from steel or aluminium. However the prices of each of these would differ based on the material from which the stretcher has been designed. Of the most important parts of a medical equipment required at a hospital or a facility it is important that only the best quality should be bought.

The backrest of the helicopter stretcher should be made of a material which is high density for example out of polyethylene. It should also comprise of straps which are easy to fasten.


When buying medical equipment always make sure that it comes with the warranty. This is because these structures are used in a variety of conditions and are prone to repairs or maintenance issues. In case of maintenance, repair or breakage it is necessary that you have some form of warranty so that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on getting it in working condition again.

Straps and safety belt

It is also important to consider the strap and the safety belts of the hospital stretcher because there would be a need to fasten the victim. Also the harness should be such that it shouldn’t cut into the skin to add to the further discomfort of the patient. Even in a medical emergency is the comfort of the patient should be the first priority. Go for a structure which has at least four safety belts along with four steps to hook to the mesh. Once you have bought the stretcher it is important to have a demonstration on the correct way of using it so that the medical staff can easily assist the patient in getting the right kind of medical attention.

Care must be taken to take a look at the hardness of the stretcher because it would need to be durable enough to lift up and be transported into the helicopter.

Keeping these things in mind would allow you to choose the right specialised helicopter stretchers for your medical facility.